Monday, October 21, 2013

No one better than Ninja-B!

Did you watch me on TV?  Again?  This makes three appearances on TV this year.  Am I amazing or what?
That's right.  I'm amazing.  And tolerant.  The things I let these silly humans do to amuse themselves.  Seriously, don't you people have better things to do with your time than to dress me up?  Apparently not.

Thankfully, between stacking stuffed animals on me, the staff has come up with a great new special: Fall Female Fix Fest!  Say that five times fast.  Space is very limited, and the special only runs through November 11th, so you had better call fast to get those girls in.  I promise to take good care of them.
 But, my friends, lets not stop there.  Oh no, I don't just want all the females fixed.  I want ALL the animals fixed.  There need to be some changes in this good land.  We need to end the senseless euthanasia of animals due to shortages of space.  We need to ensure equal rights for ALL species and breeds.  We need to make sure that no food bowl will ever be empty and that there will be treats for everyone!  That is why I have decided to run for Washington State Senate in 2014.  I promise that I will not STOP until everyone is spayed, neutered, and happy!

I can't do it without you, my fellow Washingtonians.  So, please, help me spread the word of spay and neuter.


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  1. Best choice I will probably have for next year's election!