Wednesday, January 7, 2015

NWSNC Turns Two!

Today marks the two year speuter-versary of NWSNC.  It seems like it was just yesterday that I was walking down the halls of this empty building dreaming of the day it would be full of cats, dogs and rabbits waiting for their turn to be spayed and neutered.

I', I mean we've done some amazing things since we opened our doors at this location on January 7th, 2013:

    • We've altered over 26,700 animals in this building alone
    • Created and hired for another six staff positions, including adding a third vet to our team.
    • Assisted with the TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) of over 2,000 feral cats
    • Microchipped over 7,700 animals

And we're just getting started!

2015 is looking to be another amazing year of growth.  With our transport program reaching those far corners of western Washington, we are now able to provide services to people who otherwise couldn't access us.  With the generous donation from the Koch family to supply our 2nd surgery suite, we are now able to accommodate nearly twice as many animals as last year and keep up with the demand for our much-needed services.  With me at the helm, great things are going to happen...well, you already knew that.

As you can see, I'm totally on top of things around here.

On a more personal note, my New Year's Resolution is to lose a little weight.  Ok, that's not actually MY resolution, but that is what I am told is going to happen.  It would be a moot point if I had thumbs and could open my food drawer by myself.  Doesn't this constitute animal cruelty??

Wishing you all the peace, joy, and e-collars that 2015 can bring!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Every Cat Needs One

Even cats need a vacation.  Sure, my life may seem glamorous and glorious to normal folk.  But even celebrities like myself need to get away from the crowds and attention every now and then.  My weekend parents seem to think otherwise.  They are off gallivanting somewhere, and what happens to poor Ninja Bob?  I get stuck at the cat sitters for the holiday weekend.

Seriously?  This is horrible.  Not only is this NOT my weekend home, but there are other CATS here.  Atrocious!  Ninja Bob does NOT like to share attention.  And they don't respect my status.  They even EAT out of MY bowl!  I will be filing a grievance with the appropriate authorities when I return to work on Tuesday.

I guess it is not all bad.  The cat sitter's house does have one, unique feature: A Catio.  What exactly, you may be asking, is a "Catio?"  Well, quite simply, it is a patio designed specifically for the feline persuasion.

A nice little opening from the window

Leading to a completely enclosed catwalk down the side of the house

 Quick turn around the corner of the building

 Down a few steps and we have arrived!

The catio is fully enclosed to keep other animals, including the pesky resident dog, out.  It has everything a cat could need: scratching post, toys, litter box, several beds, a planter of cat grass, a chair, even a catnip dispenser (though I do not condone the use of catnip in underage cats).

There's even a multi level "cat-box" with several perching areas for a good view.  And crinkly paper-a necessity for all cat homes.

Ok, well maybe this weekend won't be so bad after all.

In other news, did you know I have an instagram now?  Of course you do.  I know how you wait with baited breath for any chance to glimpse my magnificence.  I'm sure you are already following me, but if not, make sure you start.  My handle is Ninjamabob.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How do you park this thing??

I've often said that my full potential has yet to be realized. I have a great many talents, several of which have yet to be realized.  For example, did you know I am actually a phenomenal driver?

That's right!  I have a license and everything!  Although, I will admit that driving is not the easiest when you are short a leg (and have short legs) and are not equipped with opposable thumbs.  And I do need a slight bit of assistance seeing over the steering wheel.

Thankfully, I have loads of help.  The staff at Northwest Spay & Neuter Center is always looking for ways to expand, grow, and reach more people.  So with a lot of hard work and, of course, my guidance,  we proudly launched our Animal Shuttle program this past Monday!

It was a great day for all.  Our first pick up was in Roy, WA.  It's a quaint village, if you like cows and sheep and that sort of thing.  It just so happened that our friends at the Humane Society for Tacoma and Pierce County were just a few blocks away coordinating a large Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) effort.  So in addition to the pet animals we picked up and delivered, we were able to assist with transportation and fixing of several feral and free-roaming cats as well!

Our truck also serves as a traveling billboard so more people can learn about our services and take advantage of all the programs we offer.

We have lots of space to be able to transport lots of animals. Eventually we will be operating pick-ups every surgery day, and will be serving an area up to 70 miles away from the clinic.

We've taken everything into consideration; from special lining for easy sanitation, to climate control for animal comfort.

And posh seating in the cab for myself.

Now, if only I could figure out how to get this thing into reverse...

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Musical Chairs

Sometimes I get bored. Ok, I often get bored.  I know that may be hard for some of you to imagine.  But the humans around here are often so focused on spay and neuter, spay and neuter, that they forget I need attention too.  It is a horrendous tragedy that they would treat a cat of my station like that.  So I am often forced to amuse myself in various ways.

One of my favorite past times is climbing on recently vacated chairs throughout the clinic.  It's best if you know they are coming back.

 I'm not adverse to sharing if I have to.  As long as I have proper space.

But I really do like to stretch out.

Of course, if I'm not careful, the staff may take the opportunity to make me look ridiculous. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bob Talk, Episode Two

"Dear Ninja Bob,
Can I just say you are my hero?  I don't know how you deal with the demands of your life, but I am so in awe of you.
I have a tough, and somewhat embarrassing, questions for you today.  Over the holidays my owners *may* have spoiled me with treats and goodies and I *may* have put on a little extra weight.  Is it really a bad thing of I've added a pound or two to my physique?
Flab-tastic Feline in Federal Way"

Dear Flab-tastic,
I too added some girth to my overall excellence over the winter.  I think I look quite svelte with my extra 1.5 pounds, but the staff here disagrees and is subjecting me to some ghastly dietary standards.  No more cans of tuna at each meal for me.

Roughly 2/3's of pets in America are overweight.  While you may think that an extra pound or two isn't a big deal, consider that most pets are small, and those few pounds are actually a significant percentage of their body.  An average house cat weighs 7-9 pounds, therefore being 2 pounds overweight is actually 22% of their overall weight!

Extra weight also leads to a slew of additional health complications including spinal and joint issues, diabetes, heart and respiratory issues and sanitary issues.  Think about it: an animal that is too large to groom itself can be quite a mess.  And, if your cat outgrows its litter box, you'll have quite a poopy mess on your hands.

So, I bet you are wondering what you can do to help keep your pet at a healthy weight.  Well, I just so happen to have some advice.  First, weigh your pet regularly.  When you see your pet every day you are less likely to notice gradual changes in body shape.  The numbers don't lie though.  Be sure to check with your veterinarian as to what is an ideal weight for your pet's breed and body frame.

Get more exercise.  This is good for pets and their humans too.  Everything from walking around the block to chasing balls and toys will help burn those extra calories and get you into bikini body shape in no time (and I must say I look dashing in a speedo).  It will also strengthen heart muscles and lower blood pressure, for animal and human alike.

Don't believe everything you read on your pet food bag.  Feeding guidelines are exactly that: guidelines. They are not fast and true rules, so your pet may need more or less than what is listed.  While pet food bags often recommend feeding kitten or puppy chow til 1-1.5 years old, however switching them to an adult formula around 6 months can help prevent early puppy-hood or kitty-hood obesity.

Make sure you are feeding your pet for what their ideal weight is, not what their current weight is.  If your dog is 65 pounds, but should only weigh 55, they aren't going to lose anything if you keep feeding like a 65 pound dog.  Try actually measuring your food too.  You may be surprised how much extra kibble fits into that margarine container or coffee can and how much you may inadvertently be overfeeding them.  Try to stick with "higher" quality or grain free foods as they contain less fillers (which are really just empty calories.  You may be surprised how much less your pet eats on these foods too!).

Most importantly, make sure to make these changes gradually.  You don't want to starve your pet into loosing weight.  Even when weight loss is the goal, your pet still requires a certain amount of nutrition to function, so make sure they are still eating adequately or you may end up with a whole different medical issue on your hands.

As always, consult with your veterinarian before starting any diet or exercise program.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Baking with Bob

I am a cat of many, many talents.  But I bet you didn't know that, among my many amazing qualities, I am a superb baker. So I put my expertise to work last night at our clinic operations manager's house.  

Yes, I believe we have all the ingredients right here.  

First, we will start by mixing all the ingredients together in this red bowl. 

Well, hurry up now, these ingredients won't mix themselves.  And I don't have thumbs.

You can use this spatula right here.

Yes, that looks good. Now let's flour the counter and roll out the dough.

I think it needs a little more flour.  It's still a bit sticky.

Yes, much better.  Now you can roll it out, nice and thin and even.  I'll supervise.

Then we will use these great cookie cutters to make our cookie shapes.

Let's start with this one.  It's my personal favorite.

 Now that they are cut out, it's onto a cookie sheet to bake away.  9-11 minutes til perfection (I didn't take nearly that much time to achieve perfection.)

Out of the oven to let them cool.  Then it is time for us to decorate...well, by us I mean you.

My Ninjabread Cat army!

To all my friends and fans I give you these, my mini minions to celebrate the season.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

XO Ninja Bob

Monday, December 9, 2013

Bob Talk Episode 1

As you all are well aware, I am now hosting my own advice column called "Bob Talk."  I always knew my opinion was very valuable, so I'm glad I finally have an opportunity to share it on topics you, my readers, feel are important.

Our first letter comes from

"Dear Ninja Bob,
First of all, let me say I am a huge fan.  I find you to be a great inspiration in my life, and ask myself quite often "WWNBD" (what would Ninja Bob do)?  I truly see you as a roll model for my life.
But, and this is the reason I am writing you today, I am having a huge problem with my human.  She keeps getting upset with me when I pee outside my litter box.  It's not like I'm doing it purposefully to upset them but they don't seem to be getting the hint.  What should I do?"
-Pee-ved in Puyallup

Dear Pee-ved,
That can be a tough one.  There are so many things that humans don't understand about the relationship between cats and litter box usage.
1.  Have you been fixed?  Unaltered cats, especially males although females will as well, will spray to mark their territory.  The earlier you get your kitty fixed the less likely they will develop this nasty behavior.  If you are already marking, then getting fixed will often stop the problem.  But it is not guaranteed that a cat who already has learned spraying behavior will stop after they are altered.  Still, it's hip to snip, so if you aren't fixed, get your humans to call us ASAP.  We have a great special for male cats right now:  $10 for low income Pierce County & Federal Way residents.  It's called "Deck the Balls."  Catchy, right?
2. Is your litter box cleaned regularly?  Humans can't smell nearly as well as we can.  So if the litter box stinks for them, it is MUCH worse for us!  And who wants to use a dirty bathroom?  I, for one, do not.  Make sure your human is cleaning the box at least daily (more often if there are multiple cats) and that the litter is changed once a month and the box sanitized. Also, it's important that your humans provide enough boxes for the household: one per cat plus one extra.  And, while covered boxes are great for humans, all they do is contain the stink and we suffer for it.
3. Where is your litter box located?  I'm sure you agree with me that going to the bathroom in public is not fun.  Litter boxes should be tucked away someplace quiet and secluded, and should NOT be near our food.  Eewww.  Would you want to cook dinner in your bathroom?  I think not.  Also, make sure there is easy access and that other cats in the house aren't "bullying" or blocking access to the box.
4.  If everything above checks out, then it's time you go to the vet.  I know, I know, I hate it too.  But improper elimination can be a sign of some serious medical problems like urinary tract infections, bladder infections, stones, and more.  Thankfully most of these things are easy to treat, but it will make everyone feel better to get it checked ASAP.